Our Community Helps Our Students Succeed Through Scholarships

Clinton Dollars for Scholars is a nonprofit foundation that supports academic success in our community. We are one of the programs under Scholarship America's national network of community-based, volunteer organizations.

Our chapter has been awarding scholarships, since its founding in 1984. The initial scholarships were small, $50, funded by the sale of roses and donations. Over time our membership has grown and our fundraising efforts have successfully progressed, so that the chapter can now award scholarships from $250 to $1500.

Our largest fundraising event in each of the past nine years has been our annual Ferris Lawnmower raffle held in conjuction with Clinton Tractor's open house. However, several of our smaller events, such as Alteri's Winter Pizza extravaganza and the Shoppers' Stroll raffle, each support the funding of scholarships.

We are always looking for new fundraising ideas, resources to aid our students as they apply for college, and sources of volunteers. Please consider offering your time and talents to this worthy organization.

Clinton Dollars for Scholars
75 Chenango Ave.
Clinton, NY  13323